Seeing another day is special: Killer T

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Seeing another day is special: Killer T Killer T


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

ZIM dancehall stalwart Killer T reckons seeing another day in these terrible times of Covid-19 brings him closer to God.

The 29-year-old said he sees the hand of the Lord for the huge transformation in his life each time he reflects on his past.

Killer T

The Mbare bred chanter opened up to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle ahead of the launch of his fourth album on September 6.


Aptly named Inzwaiwo Kuchemawo Mambo, Killer T who like the proverbial wine has indeed matured with experience and age, went full says he values life than before.

Killer T

“This album is a bit special to me because it comes at a time when seeing another day remains special and great achievement in life because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


“I always praise the Lord who has always been there for me from day one when I started music to this day when I see a remarkable change.


“When we started music, life was tough, there was not WhatsApp and we didn’t know that we would become stars that we have become,” he said.


The affable chanter, who turns 30 on March 20 next year, said the pandemic has taught him to value each other.


“We have lost many people as a result of the pandemic and to be alive means a lot to me it means that I need to share love, appreciate others and learnt to gel well with others,” said the father of four.


Killer T, who also went full circle and roped in six producers on this album, said he was evolving as an artiste.


“When I reflect from where we started, the sound quality was poor but people loved it.


“However, we can’t continue giving people half-baked stuff but there is need for quality to ensure that we complement them for their loyalty,

“On this album, I have worked with the likes of Sunshine, Cymplex, Oskid, Aya T, Levels and Maselo in my quest for a polished project.


“I will also release three or so videos on the same day that I will be launching the adios since people want visuals,” he said.


Besides Inzwaiwo Kuchemawo Mambo, Killer T boasts of three other successful albums and series of singles.


Unlike most dancehall stars who prefer singles, Killer T has been constantly giving people some albums carrying over 15 tracks in average.


These comprise Ngoma Ndaimba released in the year 2015, Bvunza Tinzwe, Mashongo Anopfuura (2018) and of course Inzwaiwo Kuchemawo Mambo.


He has also done a number of collaborations with artistes in other genres like gospel, Afro-fusion and jazz.


Despite living a celebrity lifestyle, Killer T regularly visits his Mbare ghetto where he helps the elderly through the Killer T Foundation.


His foundation has been hailed for assisting the less privileged members of the society with groceries during the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown.


As an influencer, the chanter has also been quietly donating to the poor which prompted him to come up with his Killer T Foundation.


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