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Seh Calaz applauded Seh Calaz


12 February 2019

UPCOMING Zim dancehall artiste, Champz Mativi – real name Epilogue Mutunya – has applauded Seh Calaz for uplifting young artistes through collaborations.

Champz Mativi has released a collaboration with Seh Calaz titled Ndioneseiwo, and the single has been well received in the ghetto.

He said he is delighted to have collaborated with Seh Calaz since the track is doing well in the streets, and he has praised the Mabhanditi boss for working with the youths.

“I am happy with this collaboration that I have done with Seh Calaz.

“Most of my fans are saying that this track has circulated more than any tracks that I have released before and this is the power of collaborating with prominent artists,” said Champz Mativi.

Champz Mativi

“He appreciates talent when he sees one not like other big artists who turn back on the youths.

“I will not mention the names of the established artists who are refusing collaborations with the upcoming artists.

“I would advise Seh Calaz to remain humble and uplift the youths, we really appreciate what he is doing to us the youths,” he added.

The young chanter said the track Ndioneseiwo, which is currently a hit in the ghetto streets, is about people who feign to love their friends.

“Ndioneseiwo is about fake people who pretend to be good to others to the extent that you go on to confide your secrets in them.

“But those people go on and back stab you telling other people your secrets,” he said.

Champz Mativi has done many singles including Ma2Zvenyu which caused a stir between his fans and those of the other chanter, Bazooker.

He also has a singles collection titled Zvinhu Zvevanhu released last year and recorded at Chillspot Records.




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