Seh, Quonfuzed inspire Chinhoyi rapper

Paul Pindani in CHINHOYI

UPCOMING Chinhoyi Zim Hip Hop artist, Dennis James, says he gets inspiration from Seh Calaz  and Quonfuzed.

The 22-year-old believes he is destined for the stars.

“My love for music started when I was growing up as a kid and I never looked back,” he said.

“I look up to Seh Calaz and Quonfuzed as the role models in my life.

“I will continue doing my best as an ambitious musician until I make a huge breakthrough.”

He added:

“At first, my parents were not happy to see me singing as they claimed it was a job for people without focus.

“I did not give up as I continued doing my job because I have my personal goals in life.

“My parents later realised that I had a bright future in the music industry and began to give me maximum support and motivation.”

To date, he has released nine singles, namely Ndikamubata, Ndiri Kukufunga, Mhamha, Say No To Drugs, Love Me Like I Do, Mwari Akanaka, Ndakaperera, Amai and Harisi Rudo.

He bemoaned the lack of funds for recording more songs.

“My major challenge is lack of financial muscle and publicity. Artists from the grassroots are barely recognised.”

He gave credit to music producers, Cashflow and Professor, for their love of grooming young talent in Chinhoyi.

“I have shared the stage with mostly local artists and I still yearn to share the stage also with established artists.”

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