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THE leader and founder of Zunde RaChiremba Band, Chiremba Hwesa Masango, is currently on an international tour showcasing African culture.

Born Struggle Dhlamini, 42 years ago, the cultural ambassador’s tour will take him to Denmark, Ireland and  Germany.

In an interview, Chiremba Hwesa’s right-hand man, Dr Terence Makura, said:

“The World Cultural and Heritage Fund, under the UN, asked these artists from across the world to submit their artworks that preserve their respective cultural identities.

“Sekuru Hwesa submitted his (Struggle Dhlamini and Zunde RaChiremba) works, which resulted in him from being selected from Southern Africa.

“Among the six artists, from around the world to participate there, Sekuru Hwesa is the only one from Southern Africa.

“He was selected due to our Zimbabwean clan’s unique totems book, which is used by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

“They also helped Sekuru Hwesa to be selected as an artist whose art is already being nationally recognised by the Government to help in what is being taught in our schools. 

“The tour started on Monday this week in Germany, then in the second week he will be in Denmark and the third third Sekuru Hwesa will be in Ireland.”

Added Dr Makura:

“Our new international management team, which will be led by Sharon Gray Froma from Jamaica, who is now  based in South Africa, is the one travelling with Sekuru Hwesa, during this tour.

“On the 31st of March, Mutangazi Glen View will host the band’s homecoming show.

“It is high time, as Zunde ra Chiremba, that we shift our focus to new strategies that will attract sponsors who can bring funding.”

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