‘Sell the phone and take care of your kids’

23 Nov, 2022 - 00:11 0 Views
‘Sell the phone and take care  of your kids’


Faith Mandizha

A HARARE man has been ordered to sell his mobile phone to enable him to take care of his children.

He had offered $12 000 maintenance for the upkeep of his two children after being taken to court for child neglect.

Cleopas Mutuda’s ex-wife, Ruvimbo Rutsitso, cried during the proceedings after hearing his offer.

“Your Worship, the money is not enough. The children will go to school on an empty stomach.

“They also need uniforms and other stuff for their upkeep. 

“He has a well-paying job and shouldn’t be stingy for his own kids,” she said.

In his defence, Cleopas said he was unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

“I can only afford $12 000 since I have another family to cater for and I’m not currently working. 

“I don’t have much to offer right now, but as soon as I start working, I will top up the amount for my kids.”

Magistrate Ayanda Dhlamini asked to see Cleopas’ cell phone and ordered him to sell it and pay $60 000 in child support.

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