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…Law firm cracks whip on one of its own

…Mugiya implicated in US$99k fraud case

Zvikomborero Parafini

TOP Harare lawyer, Norman Mugiya, has been suspended from practising at Mugiya and Muvhami Law Chambers after he was implicated in a US$99k fraud and forgery case.

H-Metro is in possession of correspondence between the law firm, and the Law Society of Zimbabwe, seeking to have his certificate cancelled pending finalisation of investigations into the fraud case.

The case is before the Harare Magistrates Court.

The accused person in the matter Mugiya is being implicated is Yolanda Mututuma, who appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

Mututuma is the late Jonah Shereni’s surviving spouse.

The complainant is Lawrence Shereni, a male adult aged 18, employed at Rosa 10 Mine, Chiweshe, as a miner.

He is also the first son to the late Shereni, who was the owner of the mine.

Shereni was once married to Durai Marble Dick, who is the mother of the complainant and his siblings Rosa Lesley Shereni, Tavonga Peter Shereni and Lamont Rutendo Shereni.

However, the two later divorced.

On October 21 last year, Shereni was involved in a road accident in Bindura and died at the scene of the crash.

After his death, Mututuma allegedly hatched a plan to defraud the other estate beneficiaries.

She approached Mugiya, who was based at Mugiya and Muhami Law Chambers, domiciled at Number 36 Creswick Road, Hillside, Harare.

The two originated a will, which they purported was drafted by the late Shereni, had filed with the office of Norman Mugiya, who is still at large.

During the same period, Mututuma allegedly bought four properties, identified as Stand Number 2349 Seke Township, Chitungwiza, for the late Shereni’s minor child, Tavonga Peter Shereni.

Stand 257 and 258 of Subdivision J of Subdivision A and B of Inkubusi of Hopley, Harare, for Lawrence Shereni and 259 Subdivision J of Subdivision A and B of Inkubusi of Hopley, Harare, for Amanda Lesley Shereni and Lamont Rutendo Shereni using proceeds obtained from mining activities at the Mine.

After buying the properties for these children, the duo included the newly-acquired properties in the forged will even though Shereni had died before the acquisition of the properties.

The two allegedly allocated the rest of properties, acquired by the late Shereni, which include Stand Number 1520 Chiwaridzo Township, Bindura, to Yolanda Mututuma’s son, Jonah Junior Shereni, and Stand 3982 Chiwaridzo Phase 2, Bindura, to her son Tawananyasha Shereni.

Rosa 10 Mine, registration number 43086, was allocated to Mututuma as well as Stand 2998 Farikani Road, Aerodrome, Bindura.

And, so was a Nissan Cabster registration number ABD 6475, Ford Ranger, Nissan Truck registration number AFN 3962 and Nissan UD80 registration number AFN 3963.

All the assets would be registered in Jonah Shereni Junior’s name at the time of death to Yolanda Mututuma.

On May 3, Mututuma went to the Master of the High Court, Harare, and registered the estate of the late Jonah Shereni.

She later filed the forged will with the intent to defraud the other beneficiaries.

The complainant discovered the offence in June this year and filed a police report.

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