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A PLOT by some Dynamos bouncers to attack H-Metro Editor, Robson Sharuko, has been hatched.

This follows the journalist’s sharp criticism of the way the Glamour Boys have lost their way since board chairman Bernard Marriot,took over as the leader of the club in April 2014.

Sharuko’s criticised Marriot in his weekly blog ‘Sharuko On Saturday,’ in our sister newspaper, The Saturday Herald, on March 22.

The article was titled “Marriot Now A Symbol Of Failure.”

The journalist highlighted that Dynamos have not won the league championship in the nine years they have started a season with Marriot as their leader.

He argued that while they won in 2014, Marriot only became board chairman on April 16 that year, and the season was already underway.

Last week, some Dynamos bouncers hatched the plot to attack Sharuko, during the club’s training session, at Alex Sports Club in Harare.

However, their concern was that they were familiar to the journalist, which would come with serious consequences for them should they carry out the attack.

They said they needed to get someone from outside the club’s circle.

“The discussion was clear on the grand plan that Sharuko should pay a heavy price for attacking mudhara (Marriot) because these guys felt that the criticism went beyond what is acceptable,” said an Alex Sports Club member, who was watching the same training session.

“It was clearly audible what these guys were planning because there was an element of anger in their voices.

“They said they couldn’t carry out the attack themselves because they all knew Sharuko, and he knew them very well and, therefore, they should look for someone from outside the club to carry out the attack.”

Yesterday, Sharuko said:

“I am a member at Alex Sports Club and I heard about the plot, or whatever they are calling it, but I’m okay with all that, it comes with the terrain and, for me, that’s what journalism should be all about.

“We are not PR officers and that’s a good price to pay and a good badge of honour to wear and, for the record, there were over 100 journalists killed around the world last year and we live every day knowing fully well it could happen to any one of us.

“Dynamos belong to the people and, at some point, it will be returned to its true owners, I have no doubt about that.”

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