SERIAL KILLER CRUSHED HEADS, RIPPED OUT HIS VICTIMS’ HEARTS…20-year-old suspect appears in court in Harare…He says he will plead guilty to all the charges

Zvikomborero Parafini

CHILLING details, surrounding the multiple murders of five homeless people, emerged yesterday when a 20-year-old suspect, who is also believed to be homeless, appeared in court.

Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu said he will plead guilty to the murder charges.

He asked for a Ndebele-speaking interpreter when he appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

A reading of the State’s case revealed that Ndlovu attacked his victims, who were vagrants and were sleeping on the streets in Harare, and would crush their heads using boulders, killing them instantly.

After that, he would dismember the bodies, usually taking the heart, which he would boil or roast on open fires, and eat.

There are reports that Ndlovu was seen holding a human heart at a certain building in the Harare CBD and was chased away by shop owners at the premises.

They are believed to be part of the line-up of witnesses who will testify in court.

On September 2, Ndlovu ran out of luck, when he attacked Sabelo Mosheo Dube, who is also of no fixed aboard, and sleeps near the corner of Rekayi Tangwena and Samora Machel Avenues.

Dube was sleeping when Ndlovu attacked.

However, he escaped death and identified him as he fled the scene.

Dube sought for assistance from a passerby.

In court, prosecutor Zebediah Bofu applied for a warrant for further detention stating that the State required more time before their suspect was placed on remand.

“The State is applying for a warrant for further detention because it requires more time to conduct identification parades before the accused person is formally placed on remand.

“There are weapons that are believed to have been used in committing these offences which we intend to recover through the accused person so, because of these outstanding issues, State seeks for a warrant for further detention,” said Bofu.

Presiding magistrate Mangosi asked the interpreter to translate the State’s submissions to Ndlovu, who smiled and told the court that he was opposed to the application.

“There’s no need for the police to take me back for that process because I’m pleading guilty to the offences,” he said.

Faced with that response, Magistrate Mangosi had to make a ruling.

“Accused is in safe hands with the police so although he is opposed to the application, for completeness, he should be taken back for the indications, the State’s application is granted,” he said.

Ndlovu will return to court tomorrow when he is expected to be placed on remand.

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