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A MONSTER, who transformed himself into a serial murderer and rapist, whose victims included a 71-year-old woman and a 69-year-old who was ambushed while on her way from the fields, has been sentenced to 133 YEARS in jail.

In one shocking incident, he raped and then killed a woman before chopping her dog, into pieces, by using a machete.

In another incident, he used his knife to cut out the private parts of a woman he had raped and killed before taking her panties, and wrapping cloth, before fleeing from the scene.

Daniel Chauke was convicted on all seven counts of rape.

The 62-year-old roamed villages and would rape and kill his victims.

He was arrested on May 27, at Usanga, in Chipinge.

He will serve 60 years effective.

Posting on their X, formerly Twitter, account, the National Prosecuting Authority confirmed the sentence.

Chauke, who initially appeared in court facing three counts of rape and murder, had six counts of rape added to his charge sheet.

The State proved that he raped a 69-year-old woman, who was coming from her field, on April 3, in 2022.

He approached the complainant and told her that her grandchildren had stolen his household property.

He hit the complainant once on the right cheek and she collapsed to the ground.

He tied her hands and covered her mouth before force-marching her into a bushy area where he raped her.

After committing the crime, he stole her cellphone and fled his crime scene.

Chauke is alleged to have committed six similar crimes in which he attacked a 60-year-old woman, a 46-year-old woman, a 23-year-old woman, a 71-year-old woman, a 26-year-old woman and a 45-year-old woman between July 2022 and April this year.

Chauke is also facing three counts of murder arising from incidents in which he raped and killed his victims.

On October 21, last year Chauke raped and killed Ruth Sithole, after finding her working in her field at Chikwanda village, Chief Mutema.

Chauke pretended that he was looking for some manual work before dragging Sithole into a nearby bush where he raped her and later strangled her.

He then attacked Sithole’s dog with a machete, striking it all over its body.

He was found in possession of a spoon, which belonged to Sithole, when he was arrested.

On April 24, this year, he murdered Honeni Manaka, after meeting her in Derera Village, Chief Ngorima area, in Chimanimani. 

He pretended to propose love to her and when she turned him down he then dragged her into a bush and raped her.

He then strangled her.

He then used his knife, cut out her private parts, took her panties and wrapping cloth before fleeing from the scene.

He was found in possession of the deceased’s panties.

On May 24, he struck again, after pretending to propose love to another victim before dragging her into a bush and raping and killing her.

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