Serial robbers face murder, 15 robbery charges

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Serial robbers face murder, 15 robbery charges The suspected armed robbers appeared in court over the weekend


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

A Gang of four armed robbers appeared in court over the weekend facing 15 counts of armed robbery, attempted murder and murder charges.

The gang of Darlington Maruba, William Boka, Nikholai Machaka and Kudakwashe Boka appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi who remanded them in custody to today for their plea recording as they are pleading guilty to all the charges they are facing.


The court heard that the gang went on a robbing spree in greater parts of Harare.


The court heard that in the first count, the gang, on August 3, at around 730pm hatched a plan to rob the complainant and rolled a big stone into the highway where the complainant Arufero Pedzisai was driving a Nissan Sulphy in the company of his aunt Elizabeth Madzimure.


Pedzisai stopped and tried to avoid the stone and was confronted by the gang and they pointed a pistol at him demanding all their belongings.


They stole the two’s cellphones and US$150.


In the second count, the gang is accused of robbery and attempted murder.


The court heard that the gang, on March 25, attacked Amigo Saumba who was at his house in Overspill Epworth after his wife went to attend a knock at the gate.


One of the gang members indicated that they wanted to buy mealie meal from Saumba and when he went to the gate, they told him that they wanted to buy 50 ten-kg bags.


Saumba asked them how they were going to carry the bags and they stated that they will hire a car at the shops and he became suspicious that they were police officers then directed them to the shops.


They then produced identity cards that were unclear and accused Saumba of dealing in dangerous drugs and one of them pulled out a pistol and demanded to see where he stored the mealie meal.


The gang ransacked the house and stole US$470 which was on the bed.


Saumba managed to flee and the gang gave chase and they shot him on the thigh but he managed to get to one of his neighbors who rendered first aid.


In another count, the gang attacked Jennifer Kwaramba as she was watering lawn at her gate in Rugare together with her maid and introduced themselves as police officers who were investigating a case of illegal drugs.


They ransacked the house and stole US$175 and a cellphone.


The house maid started screaming for help and the gang ran away and fired shots that saw one Ian Massaiti injured on the left elbow.


ANNEXTURE TO ZRP FORMS 242 Count 1 and 2.


On 13 August 2020 Kudakwashe and William Boka  who are brothers hatched a plan to rob motorists along Harare Mutare road. Pursuant to their plan and acting in common purpose the duo armed themselves with a 9mm star pistol serial number 69289 and proceeded along Harare Mutare road waylaying would be victims.


On the same day at about 1845 hours Tafadzwa Mapani and Clive Mamutse had parked their unregistered Honda Fit just before Mabvuku Flyover along the Harare Mutare Road waiting for the now deceased , Ashley Chisewe whom they had phoned to come and pick Tafadzwa Mapani.


On seeing a parked vehicle the two accused persons with their insatiable quest to rob saw a good prey and they proceeded to the parked vehicle. The two approached Tafadzwa Happymore Mapani and smashed both front windows and William pointed a pistol demanding for cash and valuables from the complainants.


The accused persons took Clive Mamutse’s Samsung cell phone, cash US$20 .00 they also took Tafadzwa Happymore Mapani’s wallet containing two by twenty litre fuel coupons.. At that juncture the now deceased Ashley Chisewe arrived at the scene and observed that there was danger, William opened deceased’s passenger door pointed a firearm at him.


The deceased tried to drive away but was shot on the left shoulder resulting in his vehicle colliding with a Toyota Noah which was coming from town and it landed on the left side while the now deceased’ vehicle veered off and stopped on the opposite lane blocked by a boulder. The deceased died whilst sitting on the driver’s seat. After committing the offence the accused fled into the darkness leaving the spent cartridge at the scene.


The gang is also facing charges of illegal possession and discharge of fire arms.


Lancelot Mutsokoti appeared for the State.

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