Setbacks inspire UK-based writer

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Setbacks inspire UK-based writer Shingie (left) and Marigold Fundira


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UK-based author, Shingie Fundira, says trials and setbacks drive her to change other people’s lives.

Fundira, who also doubles as a life coach, made this revelation ahead of his book launch titled ‘Identity Crisis: Unlock The Hidden Treasure Within You’ in Harare.

The 115 paged book, which addresses identity crisis, will be launched tonight at Rainbow Towers Hotel.

It was published by Dean Thompson Publishing.

In a statement, Shingie said her debut non-fiction, inspirational English book was worth the wait.

She said writing has always been in her DNA but she was only waiting for the right time to start publishing her works.

“They say there’s a season and a time for everything under the sun.

“I had to go through some trials, tribulations, setbacks and disappointments prior to fully becoming a seasoned author.

“A seed has to be planted, or rather buried, before it sprouts to life,” she said.

She also enlightened her fans on the themes that she tackles in the book.

“Identity Crisis is a real crisis that undeniably affects you and I in one way or another.

 “I identified my own identity crisis through honest introspection and having hard talks with the man in the mirror.

“I had to do something about the inner being, emotions and somewhat oppressed sentiments, and hence the title inspiration.

“Conversations with other like-minded people solidified the title. It had to be Identity Crisis: Unlock The Hidden Treasure Within You,” she said.

Shingie, who took seven months working on the book, added:

“The challenge I faced was trying to balance work and finishing the book.

“I had some inevitable ‘dry writing’ days.

“I didn’t struggle to put the chapters together at all. It was all within, waiting to be unlocked.”

She said the book was an eye-opener to those who want to reflect on their troubles, especially the identity crisis which has become a new cancer affecting the world.

“When you unlock your mind, you step into an ungovernable deep well that only you can lock.

“You’ll definitely see more hidden treasures being unlocked. Watch the space,”said Shingie.

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