Maria Chiguvari

SEVENTH Day Adventist church has embarked on a massive campaign against drug and substance abuse.

Speaking at the Global Youth Day held at Crowborough North SDA, over the weekend, youth director Itai Chihava said they felt they should play a part in cultivating a generation that is empowered and actively participates in nation building.

It is running under the theme ‘Show Up In The Cities.’

Chihava condemned the rampant drug abuse by the youths.

“We have several reports that most youths dying in our community it’s all because of the abuse of drugs.

“I urge the youths to desist from taking drugs and alcohol because you can enjoy a better life without using those harmful substances.

“Most of our youths are experimenting with dangerous drugs so we did this march to create awareness about the dangers of doing that and help minimise those cases and ensure that our youths are moving in the right direction,” she said.

Tatenda Gwangwadza, a whose life was once threatened by drug abuse before he fought his way back into the light, said:

“I benefited nothing from doing drugs, all I was good at was fighting people and so I urge the youths to stop using drugs and for them to rather find something to do, even playing mabhuza.

“Don’t succumb to peer pressure and be forced to take dangerous drugs. 

“Say no to drugs and no to friends who encourage drug abuse.”

Lina Zembe, the youth representative, said:

“Young people deal with a lot of challenges but that must not be the reason for them to just sit and complain.”

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