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23 January 2019

. . . as prostitutes hit hard times

. . . men have bigger priorities

Wadzanai Madhibha

HOOKERS in the capital have hit hard times to the extent of offering sex for tomatoes.

Some are literally manhandling men into sex whilst a dollar is also now enough for a session.

Shakira who resides in Mbare spoke to H-Metro and said business was so low and she does not mind exchanging sex for food.

“Things are hard this time and I don’t mind exchanging farm products with sex.

“Even tomatoes are enough to buy sex because I need to go home with something for my children so whatever the customers offer l accept,” said Shakira.

Whilst some are demanding sex in exchange for food, some have reduced their charges for a short time sex from $5 to $1.

“It’s no longer viable to charge big figures as we have now opted kushanda nemari iripo; zvema $5 zvakapera kana $1 tava kubvuma,” said another hooker.

Some of the hookers who spoke to H-Metro said it was no longer business as usual as their clients are forgoing paying for sex for other essentials due to price increases in basic commodities.

They said their situation was also worsened by the recent protests which rocked the country during the ‘unsanctioned’ demonstrations.

A hooker, who identified herself as Tariro, said business was really bad for them during the stay away as there were low turnouts.

“My sister just like any business we were affected very badly as there were a few clients who turned up,” said Tariro.

Another hooker Anita said that just like any business in the country they were also affected as there were limited customers.

“My sister business is low these days to an extent that sometimes I can go home with nothing as clients are not coming for our services.

“Since last week I have been returning home with nothing because of the disturbances that hit the country,” said Anita.

There are also sad reports of some hookers who are manhandling unsuspecting clients in the Harare Avenues area demanding cash and valuables.

Some of the unsuspecting male clients are being extorted regularly as the hookers are desperate to make ends meet.

Sometime last month, a client lost an I-phone and cash to hookers after they robbed him at their apartment where he had gone for a quickie.

Similar cases are being handled at the courts of law but it appears some clients are not learning from their peers who have fallen for the same traps.

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