Sex maniac pesters pregnant wife

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Sex maniac pesters pregnant wife


Rumbidzai Rambanapasi, Court Reporter

A PREGNANT Mbare woman claims her husband is forcibly having sex with her yet she is experiencing pains due to her condition.

Tsitsi Kaduwa applied for a protection order against her husband Hamandishe Kaduwa, accusing him of sexual abuse.

“This started during the early stage of the pregnant, I had back pains and some morning sickness but he didn’t allow me to rest and he ended up sexually abusing me.

“I am in fear that everyday my husband is forcing me to have sex which is painful.

“He is very aggressive, whenever I told him that I am not feeling well, he insisted that he want sex and I ended up forcing myself in to sex which increases the pain,” she said.

Tsitsi added;

“Whenever he forces me to have sex with him I ended up crying even my neighbours will testify.

“I do not want him to force me and I want a break so that I have peace of mind and to get together soon after I give birth to our child.”

Hamandishe did not deny the allegations.

“I am a human being with feelings so how can I spend 9 months without sex.

“I only forced her once not every day.

“We have a marriage certificate, I can’t cheat her and she should be able to satisfy me in any time,” he said.

Presiding Magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in Tsitsi’s favour.

Hamandishe was ordered not to sexually abuse Tsitsi.


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