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SUNGURA artiste and social worker, Loveness “Mujibha” Mainato, reckons sex predators preying on young girls deserve stiffer penalties.

The 48-year-old, who is also the founder of the Albino Charity Organisation of Zimbabwe (ALCOZ), said young girls deserve protection and care from elders.

She said this following the increase of early child marriages and sexual harassment of young girls.

As a seasoned child right defender, Mujibha has added her voice to the ongoing campaign against early child marriages by releasing three singles denouncing the new cancer.

Mujibha’s next trio of – Humbunyikidza Vana, Ichokwadi Here and Pukutai Misodzi – calls for the Lord’s intervention as well as passing of stiffer penalties against perpetrators of early child marriages.

The songs were recorded at Alema Studios, mixed and mastered by the revered Bothwell Nyamhondera.

Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Mujibha said:

“We are living in difficult times where the rights of young girls have been trampled by sex predators who are still on the loose.

“Young girls are dying while giving birth while others have had their future destroyed by men on religious grounds.

“To be honest we can’t afford to fold our hands and watch this cancer raging as is the case.

“As a single mother looking after children, it really pains me that our law enforcement agents are not doing enough to bring these people to book.”

She added:

“As an artiste with the voice that can be heard, I decided to record these three singles which I believe will go a long way in sending the message out that we need to assist young girls.

“However, there are also young man and boys who are being abused by rich women so we need to remember them as well in this campaign.

“It’s a campaign where we can’t afford to ignore the boy child as well since they are also victims of sexual harassment and abuse.”

Meanwhile, Mujibha has started working of the accompanying visuals of the three singles.

To date, she has recorded three albums namely Mirira Nguva recorded in 2014, Vaziviseiwo (2019)  and Tovazivisa last year.


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