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SEXUAL harassment allegations have rocked the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) with its acting chief executive, Emmanuel Matsvaire (pictured) , under fire.

In a letter, the Golden Leaf Advisory Board chairman, Elisha Maziwisa, has called on the Lands and Agriculture ministry to investigate the claims.

“Despite concealment of several sexual harassment cases at TIMB, the cry by the affected has reached us and, as stakeholders, we strongly recommend that the most appropriate action be taken against such kind of unprofessional behaviour,” reads part of Maziwisa’s letter.

One of the victims, a former TIMB female top executive, who was recently dismissed for abuse of office, is seeking reprieve at the Labour Court.

She claims Matsvaire once summoned her to his office where he handed her a “Leave of Absence” letter.

When she burst into tears, she claims Matsvaire locked his office doors to try and give her some assurances.

“The manner in which the reassurance was being done made me feel uncomfortable.

“I made a motion to stand up to leave and Matsvaire rushed to lock the door saying he couldn’t let me out of his office crying.

“He acted like he wanted to pat me, but I moved away asking him to unlock the door as I was not comfortable.

“He told me the process was being done to clear my name of malicious allegations,” reads her affidavit.

She added: “I once warned Matsvaire against having multiple relationships at the workplace with students on attachment and other members of staff as the complaints had come to my attention.

“. . . he explicitly started boasting of his previous relationships with a former executive and another staff member,” she wrote.

Matsvaire is yet to respond to the allegations, the matter is still pending.

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