Shadaya faces backlash

22 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Shadaya faces backlash Shadaya Knight


Edwin Nhukarume
CONTROVERSIAL blogger, Shadaya Knight, recently faced a backlash after intimate pictures with his girlfriend were circulated on social media.

Shadaya was criticised for showing double standards as the social media audience blasted him for practicing what he doesn’t preach.

The blogger is well-known for being a critic of love relationships while showing characteristics of male chauvinism.

However, the pictures circulating on social media with his girlfriend are telling a different story and they have generated debate, with most people mocking him.

Below are some of the comments on social media:

Robson Perry: All those who believe in him shall suffer struggles of relationship.


Everjoy Chidindi: Right, this only proves everything that he bluffs about on Twitter (is) very stupid and this also proves his sense of immaturity and untargeted bitterness. Shame to those who are going to give you the same respect and following after proving yourself to be a public toilet with this picture. Sorry hake musikana wako for falling for a grinder.


Wendy Moyo: Has he married the girl, if not, so then he has double standards. I hope he’s gonna marry her or else who will want his left overs?


Gamu Bakasa: I like Shadaya, he’s a very good example of why you shouldn’t believe EVERYTHING you see on social media.


Dee Rumbi Mashiri: Hahahaha. So, if they happen to break up she becomes used goods and then he looks for another virgin… his words not mine.


Rue Manjex: Kkkkkkkkkkk don’t spoil your girlfriends, kanodaro Shadaya kachidamufe muri single


Set Apart: Can someone just tell these people to respect their bodies for once uku kufumuka kusina kana basa.


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