Shadaya sentencing today

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Shadaya sentencing today Night Tawona Shadaya


5 October 2018

Night Tawona Shadaya

…in trouble for retweeting

SOCIAL commentator Night Tawona Shadaya, who was hauled to court facing charges of criminal insult, will be sentenced today.

Shadaya, 25, pleaded guilty before Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa on Wednesday.

The matter was deferred to today.

The State led by Fransisca Mukumbiri proved beyond doubt that sometime in August, Shadaya retweeted a tweet from a Twitter account purportedly belonging to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Priscilla Chigumba, who is the complainant in the matter.

The tweet read:

“I can’t wait for the election fiasco to come to an end. I could do with a holiday and some good sex. My body needs a break.”

According to the State, Shadaya retweeted the tweet causing criminal insult which seriously impaired the dignity of Justice Chigumba.

Chigumba reported after she was alerted by a friend as she had never owned a Twitter account.

In mitigation, Shadaya said he did not commit the offence intentionally because he was under the influence of alcohol.

“I’m admitting to the charge but however I am not admitting to the fact that it was intentional, there was no intention because I was tipsy so when I realised the next morning that I had retweeted it, I undid the retweet.

“I don’t work, neither do I earn a living because my mother takes care of me,” said Shadaya.

When magistrate Mugwagwa asked him how much liquor he had consumed, he said he had consumed three quarts of Black Label.

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