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02 June 2016

YESTERDAY we carried a story headlined “Prophet jailed over rape,” – of a so called prophet from an apostolic sect who raped a 21-year-old woman who had sought his services before being jailed for 12 years.

The fake (because no real prophet can ever think of raping someone who would have come to seek his services) prophet shamelessly told the woman that she was possessed and he needed her blood for cleansing purposes.

He went on to say the blood was supposed to be drawn after she had sexual intercourse and asked the woman to have sex with him so that they could get the blood they needed for the cleansing.

That is just embarrassingly shameless.

But that is what many women and children are exposed to and because they are vulnerable when they come needing help, haunted by some health or spiritual problem.

Most victims give in and it is a good thing the lady in question refused to have sex with the fake prophet.

However, he asked the woman to go and fetch water from a nearby well and went on to follow her and rape her. Like all rapists do, the fake prophet told the woman not to reveal the sexual attack to anyone.

The second good thing the woman did is ignore that advice meant to protect a guilty man. Many women and young girls are living with a secret case of rape because they fear their attackers.

They are actually keeping the perpetrators of rape out of jail by keeping quiet about the heinous crimes these men have performed on their bodies.

That should stop and all crimes against women must be reported. If you keep rape as a secret, you are allowing the perpetrators of rape to continue with their evil and still live scot-free. If you report them, however, they get to go to jail for over 10 years like what happened to this shame of a prophet.

While punishments can never return what would have been lost, they do well to stop would-be offenders from even contemplating raping someone.

Whenever there is enough proof, rapists must be sent away from society before they become a menace.

It is shocking that in this era, the number of people committing crimes as heinous and barbaric as rape is actually increasing.

It is shocking that – with all the publicity of anti-rape stories and all the lessons that are being made of rapists – there are still people who find rape as an option worth considering.

It is even more appalling that people are using religion, or to be more apt, GOD, to commit this crime and the law must be stiffer on such people as they are using their religious authority to rape women and children.

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