SHAMED PROSECUTOR PARDON DZIVA SOILED JUDICIAL’S REPUTATION. . . Dziva jailed for corruption, name-dropping judge’s name

H-Metro Reporter

SHAMED prosecutor, Pardon Dziva, damaged the reputation of prosecutors, and the country’s entire judicial system, by defaming the character of Justice Kwenda when he name-dropped the judge’s name into his corrupt web in which he was trying to extort US$20 000.

Dziva was on Tuesday sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, with two years being suspended on condition of good behaviour, after he was convicted of fraud.

He was convicted in the High Court together, with his accomplice Alex Tombe, after a full trial.

Tombe was sentenced to eight years imprisonment and two years were suspended on condition that he doesn’t commit a similar offence in the next five years.

The complainant was Helliate Rushwaya, who is the sister of Henrietta Rushwaya, the Zimbabwe Miners Federation boss.

“Dziva was subsequently arrested through entrapment by detectives from CID Police Anti-Corruption Unit, after Helliate Rushwaya, Henrietta’s sister, filed a police report on Dziva’s demands,” reads a statement from the National Prosecutors Authority of Zimbabwe. 

“The arrest came in the aftermath of subject’s collection of US$10 000 trap money at Kebab Restaurant in Milton Park, Harare. 

“He will effectively serve eight years in prison, after Justice Chikowero suspended two years from his sentence on condition that he is not convicted of a similar offence. 

“Dziva’s co-accused, Alex Tombe, was sentenced to eight years in prison with two suspended.”

The statement added:

“Judge Chikowero added that in arriving at the aforementioned sentence, he considered aggravating circumstances to the effect that Dziva’s actions risked soiling not only the image of prosecutors, but the judiciary system at large, citing the defamation of Justice Kwenda whom Dziva name-dropped in his scheme.

“Justice Chikowero also stated that the case was unprecedented in that the modus operandi used by the prosecutor of name-dropping a judge for fraudulent purposes had hitherto been unrecorded in past cases. 

“The judge indicated that the lengthy sentence was intended to act as a deterrent to other public officials to desist from acts of corruption. 

 “The judge stated that in handing down diverging sentences for the duo, he took into account that while Dziva was a public official on account of his employment by the National Prosecuting Authority, Tombe was not a public official but rather a self-employed vendor who worked at Siyaso Informal Industries in Mbare and thus his blameworthiness was lesser. “

It is the State’s case that on November 15, last year, Dziva demanded US$20 000 from Wellington Tavarasha.

He claimed this was meant to facilitate a lighter sentence for Henrietta Rushwaya, who had been convicted of smuggling by a Harare High Court judge.

Henrietta’s sister Helliate agreed to meet Dziva and Tombe at CABS Centre.

Tombe approached Helliate and indicated that he had been sent to collect the money by Dziva.

Helliate refused to hand over the money and insisted on handing it over to Dziva.

They drove to Kebab Restaurant, in Milton Park, where they met Dziva who proceeded to Helliate’s car where she handed over the trap money.

The two were subsequently arrested.

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