Shamuyarira bounces back after nine years

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Shamuyarira bounces back after nine years Elisha Shamuyarira


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

US based gospel musician, Elisha Shamuyarira, has bounced back with a fifth album titled Zvakazarurwa (Revelation) after nine years on a pause.

The Chitungwiza bred singer, who was raised in a Christian family, reckons his album will change many lives.

“The album is a revelation after being off the music scene for a very long time.

“My music career began in church at a very tender age, and with the influence from a brother who was also an instrumentalist, my roots in music became much vivid.

“The album will be ready on May 9 and this comes after a long silence since 2014.

“I worked with Pastor Charles Charamba for close to five years and other musicians like Baba Manyeruke, Mahendere Brothers, Gospel Trumpet and Noel Zembe.

“Some of the songs from the recording give thanks to God for his grace and love upon his life,” he said.

The award-wining musician moved to the United States in 2009 where he continued with his  career.

“My fans should expect more refinement and maturity in this album.

“My vision is to create an environment where we grow as musicians, brothers and sisters and most importantly as brethren in the Lord.

“Apart from his pursuit of music, Shamuyarira is also a businessman running a very successful business in Dallas, USA.

“The upcoming album features some of the well experienced and renowned musicians band members such as the gospel diva Chelsea Mguni Bafana and Namatayi Mubariki,” he added.

To his credit, Shamuyarira has won the Zim USA Community Awards  in the Outstanding Artist category.

Apart from music, Shamuyarira runs different businesses including Double Portion Transportation LLC based in Dallas, and Houston which specialises in school transportation, non-emergency services and Deliveries.

Besides himself, other members of Shamuyarira’s group comprise Nigel Barangiro, Simba Bond Dembedza, Tendekai Mano, Namatayi Mubariki, Rollins Mubaiwa, Primrose Muchuva, Isaac Olowogbade, Raymond Dordoye, Roger, Dwidwi Madlopha, Macdonald Macneto Charles and Annah Nzuma.

He is married to Lilian Shamuyarira and together they are blessed with two beautiful kids, whom he describes as his constant source of strength and inspiration, especially the wife who he says has been supportive all the way.

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