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Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

BUDDING artiste Shashl says her new refreshing love song Ghetto Buddies is a celebration of true love which has become a fallacy to this generation.

In an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Shashl said Ghetto Buddies tries to tell a love story that is chaste and not influenced by material things.

“I wanted to break the stereotype that most girls have these days. People no longer think of love first they think of money.


“I have always wished I was born back in the 70’s/80’s when love was still simple yet wholesome. Our generation has completely lost touch of what it means to love.

“So it is just a song, but it’s a song to remind people about what love true is; pure, kind, unconditional and it most certainly shouldn’t hurt,” said Shashl.


Shashl said her imaginary description of ghetto in Ghetto Buddies was meant to tell how this pure and innocent love can be a great feeling.

“When I sang about flowing rivers, I didn’t mean it literally.


“It is just a metaphor describing how this ‘new found ghetto love’ made me feel – free, tranquil and happy,” she said.


Though with just few days of its release – Ghetto Buddies – has undoubtedly become one of Shashl’s best songs since she started her music career at age of 16.


Shashl is elated with how the music fans are responding to her song, and she also said Ghetto Buddies was meant to capture the local audience while merging the different classes in society with her lyrics.


“The response from my fans has been overwhelming The video has only been out for 3 days and it’s currently sitting on 50k views (Tuesday). Which is a personal best.


“I did this track to relate with my Zimbabwean fans


I felt that my songs prior to this one, were more on the international side which made people not accept me as much as they have.


“It’s always great to hear a song that’s not only relatable but also In your country’s vernacular.


“Ghetto buddies is my way of bridging the gap between both up town as well as downtown,” Shashl told H-Metro.


Shashl has revealed that she has work in pipeline and also launched a group chat on YouTube.


“I’ve worked on a number of collaborations and singles that I will be releasing soon.


“I have also started a ‘group chat’ titled Symply Shashl -on YouTube to tackle the questions that everyone has but are afraid of talking about because they may be labeled differently to wat they’d like to be,” said Shashl.



Shashl is still to release her debut album. She has has released singles such as Nomore, Blow It In The Wind.

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