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‘SHASHL NEEDS COUNSELLING’ Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa


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The budding artist, whose sex tape with former lover, Rodger “Levels” Kadzimwe, has gone viral on social media, has been left traumatised.

Although Levels claims his phone was stolen and hacked, his inner circle claims the Mbare producer deliberately leaked the videos in yet another case of porn revenge.

Fighting in Shashl’s corner yesterday, Mahwindo registered her dismay on social media.

“I think your nude picture yadzidzisa vakati ooh.

“I feel pity for you because you are supposed to trend nezvirinani not this.

Kutumira baby nude haisi love anozongoriburitsa chete pazvinnodhakwa.

Apa I ex yako yaburitsa not zve Pabloz zvawanyora.

Munopera nazvo muchida kuteedzera vakambo trender nazvo.

“Now, vanhu varikutsvaga mari chete.

“You are better than this, please ma Ghetto youth akatarisira pauri.

“I hope wadzidza and vakawanda vadzidzawo kuti don’t impress them nema nudes ingomupedzera panguva yazvo.

“Love yemafoni mumwe achazviuuraya chete,” reads the post.

Contacted for further comment after her post, Mahwindo told H-Metro that Levels has destroyed Shashl’s life.

“This girl needs counselling because she is traumatised,” said Mahwindo.

“Levels should have considered the future of this young girl.

“Internet will always keep those videos and it will take a lot for her to get over it.

“Levels should have considered Shashl’s parents, status and how influential are they in society before recording the stuff.”

Mahwindo said Levels deserves to be punished for his shenanigans, which are now weighing heavily on Shashl.

“The whole issue is very disturbing since it comes at a time when we are fighting for the rights of the girl child.

“He deserves to be punished and face the music for his conduct.

“As a single mother to a teenager, I was really disturbed by the sex tape and nudes, which are going to haunt Shashl if she doesn’t get help.

“I also hope Shashl’s father (ex-Health and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo) will deal with him,” she said.

As a music promoter, dealing mainly with Zimdancehall artists and producers, Mahwindo said it’s never too late for artists to be role models.

“I always give them free advice on how to handle fame and being self-reliant, but some of them will never learn, to say the least.

“The problem with some of these artists is that they tend to lose the plot once they make it to the top as is the case with Levels, who started from the bottom,” she added.

Over the years, sex tapes have proved costly for a number of local celebrities.

Actress and television personality Tino Katsande lost her job as a radio presenter after her sex tape leaked.

Sabastian Magacha was left devastated after his nude pictures leaked.

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