Milicent Chasinda

A FAMILY feud has spilled into court with some sensitive issues, including claims that one of the wives already had 10 children when she came to live at the family home.

There are also claims that one of the women threw her husband out of the house through a window.

Even differences, over the settlement of the power bills, have been laid bare.

Tambudzai Chombe claimed they usually shared the power bill every month, but her brother-in-law, Gift Sibanda, disconnected power without warning because they had not paid for that month.

Sibanda denied the allegations and said that he disconnected the electricity because Chombe does not contribute to the bill at all.

He also accused Chombe of being violent, threatening to use a weapon and chasing her husband’s five children out of the family home.

Sibanda said Chombe is his brother’s seventh wife, but always wants to be number one.

“She is my younger brother’s wife,” said Sibanda. 

“She is my brother’s seventh wife, but wants to be number one.

“I’m the one who pays electricity bills and I disconnect it because she sleeps with appliances on when she does not contribute a penny.

“She came with her 10 children to live with us, and the house is now too small.

“She kicked out her husband’s five children, from a previous marriage, leaving her 10 children to occupy the house, and the worst part of it is that we use one toilet and one bathroom.”

He added:

“We have a policy that the oldest uses the toilet first and when I come home from work dirty, she tells one of her children to go and take a bath.

“She acts like a man and is a very violent person. 

“She once threw her husband out through the window.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed the application for lack of merit.

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