‘She is my father’s 9th wife’

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‘She is my father’s 9th wife’


20 September 2018

Delight Kabiseni

A MUFAKOSE woman is at loggerheads with her step-son and his wife accusing them of disturbing her peace.

Shamiso Nyandu appeared at the Harare Civil Court seeking for a protection order against her step-son Maulidi Maulidi.

“My step-son registered himself for the estate while highlighting that that there was no surviving spouse.”

Nyandu told the court that she also approached the High Court for the registration of the estate.

“I went to the Master of High Court to register the estate in my name.

“I highlighted that I was the surviving spouse and the estate was registered in my name,” she said.

Nyandu told the civil court that her step daughter-in-law, Stella Njuma, verbally abuses her.

“My step daughter-in-law insults me using obscenities,” said Nyandu.

In response, Maulidi told the civil court that Nyandu was his father’s ninth wife.

Maulidi told the court he registered the estate and her step mother does not have benefits on the estate.

“I have registered the estate and I was appointed an executor.

“She is not a beneficiary as ordered by the High Court,” he said.

Njuma disputed the allegations of verbal abuse.

“I did not abuse her but I am the one who sent her money to travel from Malawi when she was ill.

“I was comfortable to stay with her,” she said.

Njuma told the civil court that Nyandu was violent.

“She is the one who acts violently.

“She broke my hand and I sought medical attention.

“She undermines my culture,” she said.

Presiding magistrate granted the protection order in favour of Nyandu, adding that Maulidi and his wife should not evict their step mother without court order.

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