‘She says I smell’

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‘She says I smell’


4 January 2019

Yvonne Takawira

A MABVUKU grandpa is at odds with his ageing wife who accuses him of having bad odour.

The matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Margaret Namvula applied for a variation of protection order against her husband, Jeffrey Namvula.

The two reside at House No. 8282 New Mabvuku.

“Your worship, I was granted a protection order in 2016. This man was in Botswana all along and since he moved back to Zimbabwe, he has become worse.

“He was staying with a girlfriend in Botswana and the girlfriend is now in Nembudziya,” said Margaret.

She accused Jeffrey of destroying their property.

“He destroyed my property including our well, my kitchen unit and bed.

“He calls me a witch and he is threatening to sell our matrimonial house.

“People are coming to view the house and he is giving these people access to the house without my consent.

“He claims the house is in his name even though we worked together and I even extended the house as the mother of the house.

“This man claims I sleep with my son prompting the son to move out,” she added.

In response, Jeffrey left the court in stiches after telling the presiding magistrate that he was not going to answer any questions until his son whom he alleges sleeps with his mother comes to bear witness in the court.

“Our son who is in South Africa is the culprit on this issue; he is the major cause to our problems.

“He is now her husband because of the things they do together; he should come to this court and finish this.

“I am not going to be responding to anything,” responded Jeffrey.

“This woman does not love me, I sleep on the floor because she says I smell.

“She is the one who is chasing me away from home, she even sold my property.

“I am now hanging my clothes on the wall after she sold my wardrobe.

“I bought bricks with the intention of extending the house but she converted the bricks to her own use and gave me $100 for bus fare saying I should go back to my country because I am an alien,” added Jeffrey.

Jeffrey admitted that he wanted to sell the house without the consent of his wife regardless of the order that barred him from doing so.

“Since I am not working, I wanted to sell our house to add on my capital then we would find alternative accommodation,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Manyika said there was a basis for a variation based on the evidence presented to the court.

Jeffrey was ordered not to physically and verbally abuse his wife, not to threaten to evict her, not to call her a witch and any attempt to breach the terms of the order will result in the arrest of the respondent.

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