‘She steals from my shop’

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‘She steals from my shop’


Georgina Takavadini, Court Reporter

A City man claims his estranged wife is insulting him through text messages as well as taking some groceries in his shop without his permission.

Desire Karingira was applying for a protection order against Sandra Chidaushe whom he separated with but is still coming to him to ask for some money.

“I am not a reckless father, I have been taking care of the children.

“She comes to my workplace at Ajari Shop in Harare to insult me and she is also in the habit of taking some groceries without my permission saying she wants to feed the children.

“She is also in the habit of assaulting and sending me some disturbing messages.

“Your Worship, if possible she must not visit me or my workplace,” he said.

Chidaushe was opposed to Karingira’s application.

“Our marriage is still in existence although we are now staying at different places.

“We started that business together and he is the one who told me to sell some groceries when we were still together so that I can feed the children.

“We sired five children together and he abandoned the children, I then visited his shop to take some groceries to feed the children,” she said.

Chidaushe also told the court that she approached the maintenance court for Karingira to maintain his children to avoid visiting each other demanding for some money.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo ordered Chidaushe not to assault, insult or visit Karingira’s workplace.

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