‘She strips naked when angry’

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‘She strips naked when angry’


11 July 2018


A Mufakose man claims his sister-in-law strips naked each time she gets angry.

Mike Wailusa opened up at the Harare civil court where he applied for a peace order against his sister-in-law, Memory Chinounda.

“Your Worship, my sister-in-law verbally abuses me and my family.

“She takes advantage of my absence at home most times to harass my wife and children.

“She had a misunderstanding with my wife regarding cleaning the bathroom and she took it personal to the extent of stripping off her clothes.

“I have witnessed her stripping off the clothes when she is shouting.

“I am applying for a peace order so that she should not harass me and my family,” he said.

In response, Memory denied the allegations and opposed the application.

“Your Honour, I have never been violent to him because he is never around.

“If I was violent I would have come here in the hands of the police

“Yes there was a misunderstanding in which his wife was beating up my 12 year old daughter, which got me angry but I did not strip off my clothes,” she said.

“His wife is abusive and I have since filed a report to the police on child abuse against her.

“I caught her beating up my child.

“He has a grudge against me because of the small claims court order I applied against him for failing to pay rent at our house that belongs to my husband’s brother,” she added.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo dismissed the application.

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