‘She threatens to cut my buttocks with a knife’

Faith Mandizha

A HARARE woman claims her co-tenant abuses her, including threatening to cut her buttocks with a knife, and invading her bedroom.

Maud Kamubewa told the Harare Civil court that her co-tenant, Tambudzai Matengo, was in the habit of insulting and threatening her with a knife.

Maud was granted the protection order by magistrate Sharon Mashavira.

“Whenever she sees me coming out of the bathroom, she follows me to my room, opens the door and calls out to her kids to come and see me naked and laugh at me.

“She even threatens to cut off my buttocks with a knife because she’s jealous they’re bigger than hers,” Maud said.

Tambudzai denied the allegations saying she was the one who was being provoked and needed protection against Maud.

“At one time I had to slap her because she had provoked me, everyday it’s another story with her and I’m tired, it’s not even her house.

“When our kids were fighting I ran to refrain them and I saw her maid holding a knife and she told me not to look at their kids, and I have never talked to them since then,” she said.

Magistrate Mashavira told the two to seek alternative accommodation.

“You two share the same bathroom, corridor and yard, you are still going to meet each other, it’s best if you both move out,” she said.

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