She wants to burn my certificates

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She wants to burn my certificates


Kudzaishe Chikuturudzi, Court Reporter

A CITY man says he is living in fear of his wife who threatened to destroy his educational documents.

Anesu Shumba made the revelation at the Harare Civil Court where he accused his wife Abigail Munemo of threatening to burn his qualifications.

Anesu approached the court seeking for a protection order.

“She is my wife but she is in the habit of throwing away my personal stuff.

“She even burns my clothes and whenever I ask her she insults me even in front of our neighbours and children,” he said.

Anesu also accused his wife of destroying household property when they have issue and has even threatened to destroy educational documents.

She has been damaging my property, including the doors and the wardrobe.

“I had to seek the court’s protection when she threatened to destroy all my educational documents if I come home drunk,” he said.

However, in her response Munemo disputed the allegations dismissing them as lies.

“I have never damaged his property; he is the one who hangs his bicycles on top of the wardrobe and is blaming me for its damage.

“I never threatened to destroy his educational documents because I also see him as the breadwinner of the family.

“I think that he no longer loves me with the way he is treating me imposing false allegation against me,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in Anesu’s favor.


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