‘She was giving me bad luck’

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‘She was giving me bad luck’


Kudzaishe Chikuturudzi, Court Reporter

A JILTED man has been taken to court by his ex-girlfriend accused of assault.

Tinashe Mbaye revealed the matter at the Harare Civil Court where she was applying for a protection order against Denford Ranga.

Mbaye told the court that she moved out two months ago because Ranga was abusing him.

“I had to move out of our matrimonial home because of the way he was treating me.

“He was assaulting me accusing me of having an affair with my boss.

“I never reported him to the police because I just thought we were going to solve our difference,” she said.

Mbaye told the court that she doesn’t want to see her husband again even though they are legally married.

“I don’t want to see him again even though we are legally married because he has been disturbing my peace,” said Mbaye.

Ranga disputed the allegations levelled against him.

“She is lying; I was the one who broke up with her so because she was giving me bad luck.”

Magistrate Nyasha Marufu granted the protection order in favour of Mbaye.

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