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FORMER Football star Edward Sadomba has been ordered to allow his estranged wife, Sherylnn, to have unlimited access to their matrimonial home.

The two have been having marital woes for the past two years, with the drama suggesting the childhood sweethearts were heading for a spectacular divorce.

In her ruling, Harare Magistrate Johanna Mukwesha allowed communication between the two only for the purposes of allowing Sherylnn into the couple’s Pokugara Estates property in Borrowdale, regardless of the time she gets home.

Sadomba had contested the granting of the order, suggesting that Sherylnn must ask other family members to open the gate for her in order for them to maintain peace.

The couple, who have been living on separate floors in their matrimonial house, have an existing peace order between them.

Sadomba argued that Sherylnn was in the habit of coming home late and demanding that he opens the gate for her.

This has created a dilemma for Sadomba, who counter claimed that he was the one being abused by Sherylnn and her relatives.

Yesterday, the court granted a variation on the peace order that had earlier prohibited Sadomba from verbally or emotionally abusing Sherylnn.

The two can now communicate, but not insult each other, which has contributed to most of their problems.

The court has also granted a protection order against Sadomba, in which he is expected not to abuse Sherylnn physically or emotionally.

The order will remain in effect for the next five years.

Presiding over the hearing, magistrate Mukwesha said;

“From the submissions made in the court and papers filed on record, there is no doubt that Sadomba is barring Sherlynn from accessing their matrimonial home where she also resides thereby warranting the granting of this order.

“No matter how hard Sadomba tries to justify himself, it is clear that indeed he has been barring her from accessing the property.

“Therefore, variations to the peace order have been granted and he is ordered to communicate with her for the purposes of allowing her into the premises.

“Sadomba is also ordered not to physically or emotionally abuse Sherylnn.”

The magistrate also ordered the two to maintain peace and not to evict each other until their marital woes were finalised.

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