Shield pregnant schoolgirls: Female pastors

27 Aug, 2020 - 10:08 0 Views
Shield pregnant schoolgirls: Female pastors Pastor Rosemary Mangwanya


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

FEMALE church pastors have urged teachers to treat pregnant students with a soft heart to further their education.

Pastor Rosemary Mangwanya of New United Apostolic church hailed the enacted law allowing pregnant students to attend school urging teachers to protect them from stigmatisation and abuse.

Fadzai Zheve

“We are happy with the enacted law for it paved way to abused students to further their education as some perpetrators affected many students’ careers,” said Pastor Mangwanya.

“It is our appeal to teachers to protect them from being stigmatised since their main aim will be to further their education.

“Teachers must understand that pregnant women’s behaviour sometimes change depending on what will be around them or what they eat.

“As parents, we expect our daughters to achieve their aims in life although they end up being lured by boys leading to early pregnancy.

“As a way of protecting these students let those who impregnate students face stiffer penalties as a way to deter early pregnancy.

“As church we discourage children from early marriages and urge them to seek pre-marital counselling.

“Counselling is open to everyone but many people think that it is needed when you do wrong. It is good for guidance, opening of eyes to issues around where you are and for correction when necessary.

“Our minds get dirty every day by what we go through and this mind needs cleansing through the word of God and prayer.

“Pfungwa dzinokasira kusviba kupfuura mbatya dzatinochinja mazuva ose nekudaro tinokurudzira kugezwa kwepfungwa kwevanhu vose nekuwana mukana wekukurukura nevakuru, vafundisi nehama neshamwari panezvatinosangana nazvo.

“During this time of Covid-19 we urge people to be sensitive to people they meet interact with and share ideas and this calls for social distancing, sanitizing and putting on of face masks.

“Let these measures set by Government help us to reduce unnecessary movements which I want to believe led many female students into early marriages,” said Pastor Mangwanya.

Zimbabwe Indigenous Interdenominational Council of Churches secretary Fadzai Zheve urged schools to conduct night school and extra lessons for pregnant students.

“Children are a gift from God no matter how they are born and by that we expect pregnant students to continue with their studies,” said Zheve.

“Teachers and lecturers will be tempted to abuse students because of this enacted law but measures to protect children must be set to avoid early marriages.

“To avoid stigma and misbehaviour of students we encourage pregnant students to attend night school and teachers conduct extra lessons specifically for such students.

“We used to have adult education and this suits best for pregnant students to further their education away from other students to protect both students from abuse and stigmatisation,” said Zheve.

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