Shinya leaves Ngezi?

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Shinya leaves Ngezi? Tatenda Shinya


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter

TATENDA ‘Ninja’ Shinya has reportedly stepped down as Ngezi Platinum Queens coach just seven months into his one-year contract following irreconcilable differences with some members of the executive, H-Metro can reveal.

Shinya, who is credited for steering the team to an impressive fourth place finish in the Rainbow Amateur Netball League (RANL) after inheriting a team that was flirting with relegation in May, is believed to have already tendered his resignation.

His resignation has since divided the team’s executive as some members want him to continue with the project they believe is on course to establish them as one of the best netball teams in the country while others want him gone.

H-Metro understands those that want Shinya to go are not happy after he side-lined some of the underperforming senior players upon his arrival in May. This, according to sources who are close to the goings-on, did not go well with some members of the executive who tried in vain to have those players incorporated into the team.

“Shinya registered some new players during the mid-season transfer window. The players went on to play in most if not all the matches in the second half of the season,” a source told H-Metro.

“This did not go down well with some members of the executive who felt the senior players needed to play especially those from Ngezi since it’s a community team. If you noticed those senior players are the ones who played most of the first round games and the results were poor.

“Most of the second round games which were being played by the new players the team won. To tell you the truth, if Shinya had not come, probably this team could have been relegated. And you wonder what these people want really.”

H-Metro also understands that Ngezi players are paid according to appearance and sources added that some of the executive members were no longer getting kickbacks from certain individuals in the team hence the reason to get rid of the coach.

“The major issue is about money, the executive wants their players who have been there to play so that they get money on every game whereas the coach wanted results which he gave them with no doubt,” added the source.

Contacted for comment Shinya was in no mood to entertain this reporter saying “I’m not aware of what you are talking about, in as far as I’m concerned I’m Ngezi Platinum Queens coach,” before directing further questions to the executive.

Ngezi vice chairperson Richard Munetsi said he is not aware of the developments.

“I haven’t heard of such news. If he had submitted his resignation letter I would have known by now but no such news have reached my office.

“We had no problems with the coach. But sometimes if people decide to move out, maybe they have found better places.”

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