SHOCKING ABUSE…Chaplain accused of abusing schoolgirls…Furious parents petition Education bosses

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SHOCKING ABUSE…Chaplain accused of abusing schoolgirls…Furious parents petition Education bosses THE headmaster’s letter to parents


Latwell Nyangu

A SCHOOL chaplain is being accused of entering girls’ hostels, ordering them to take off their skirts so that he sees if they are wearing skin tights.

Furious parents of the schoolgirls, who are pupils at St Anne’s Goto High School in Wedza, have reacted to the abuse of their kids by petitioning the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to take action.

The man in the eye of the storm is school chaplain, Clinton Nyakamha.

Repeated efforts to contact him yesterday were fruitless.

There were a number of allegations against the authorities at the school, including claims that the School Development Committee elections were rigged, while standards have gone down.

Contacted for comment, school head, Kudzai Mutseyekwa, said he was driving and could not comment.

 “I am driving at the moment, I am in the middle of traffic, will call later, nditori pakati pemagonyeti” he said.

Under pressure from parents, Mutseyekwa, released a stamped letter stating they were investigating the issue.

The letter reads:

“As the Head of St Anne’s Goto High School, I regret the negative report that broke the school’s various WhatsApp platforms over the weekend relating to allegations of abuse of female students by the School Chaplin.

“I am pleased to inform you that senior teachers, led by the Deputy Head, are conducting some investigations so that we can establish what exactly transpired.

“Once the investigations have been finalised, the reports will be shared with you as the parents, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and the police.

“Thank you for your usual cooperation.”

Parents also raised their grievances through a petition.

“We the undersigned parents and legal guardians of St Anne’s Goto High School students petition the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and the responsible authority to nullify the elections that were held on June 4 and 5 due to procedural irregularities.

“Parents were denied their right to vote more than once.

“We now hereby request the holding of fresh elections that should be conducted under one venue and in the presence of Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education officials.”

In a WhatsApp group, an official from the school, said:

“Our dear parents and guardians, may I clearly state that the sensitive issue of the girls, who are reported to have complained about the conduct of the Chaplin, is currently being investigated accordingly.

“May I humbly appeal to you, our esteemed parents and guardians, to give a brief chance to these sober and earnest investigations.

 “Once finalised soon, the correct findings will be channelled to you at the earliest possible time.

“Meanwhile, the matron and the girls’ warden are totally in charge of the affairs at the girls’ hostels.

“All the other issues will also be promptly addressed.”

Sources said there was a tense atmosphere at the school.

“The problem started when SDC elections were rigged last month.

“As parents of those kids, we are not happy at all, chakashata ngachibude pachena not kuti vhara aiwa because wako mwana haasi affected ne situation.”

Another parent said:

“These guys rigged the elections and appointed their friends who are taking the school down.

“The pass rate is also going down, sewage all over, the standards are bad.”

Some of the parents expressed their anger in WhatsApp groups.

Dai Goto aiziva kuti vana ava takavawana tadya zvisingadyiwe kah, vaibata vana vedu mushe.

“Isu vamwe takapihwa one iyeye chete mofugurisawo hembe hamuoni kuti mabata panopisa?” reads one of the messages sent on the WhatsApp group.

Below are some of the responses by parents:

Rev vari kuiita basa rekuyenda kuGirls Hostel kunovafugirisa maskirts checking kuti vane matights here, why? Concerned Parent. 


Hezvooo inini wangu akangoti akanzarwo futi, no negotiations ipapo, ndikutoendako ne bhemba. Concerned Parent.


Zvakaipisa munhu wa Mwari, thank you for the enlightenment kana ari manyepo ngavadaire chero mune humbowo even from vana it’s good. Concerned Parent.

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