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11 October 2018

Arron Nyamayaro and Adoration Bizure

Harare was abuzz with rumours over a shooting incident that occurred in the CBD yesterday with several versions of the same story circulating especially on social media.

One version politicized the story and said the shooter was attacked because of links to a political party before he was forced to kill one of the attackers in self defence.

Another version claimed the shooter was a CID officer who was working undercover before his cover was blown by Ximex Mall dealers who attacked him forcing him to shoot one of the attackers.

H-Metro brings you the official version of event from the police and two other eye-witness accounts . . . Read on


The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the death of 40 year old man following a shooting incident that occurred at the corner of Angwa and Nkwame Nkrumah near QV pharmacy Harare yesterday 10 October 2018 in the morning.

Circumstances are that a 24-year-old man parked his Subaru car at corner of Angwa Street and Nkwame Nkrumah and left his two sisters in the car whilst carrying out business in the CBD.

Five men approached the sisters who were seated in the Subaru car and demanded that the car must be removed from where it was parked.

A dispute arose and the two sisters called the owner of the vehicle to come back. When the owner of the vehicle came back a scuffle ensued resulting in the owner of Subaru vehicle drawing out a pistol.”

The alleged shooter

He then fired a shot which resulted in the death of a 40-year-old man.

The mob that had gathered then became violent and set on fire the Subaru vehicle.

The police quickly moved in and managed to arrest the 24-year-old man and the four men who had incited violence.


A tout was shot dead by a motorist after an argument over parking space.

Unconfirmed reports say the deceased, Gresham Mwakapira had an altercation with the motorist after he refused to give him $1 for parking his car.

Sisters of the alleged shooter

“Gresham who is popularly known as Dread in town is a tout who illegally charges people to park their cars in parking bays as well as washing cars.

“So when this guy parked his car on one of the parking bays that Gresham charges, he (Gresham) went and asked for a $1 and the motorist refused.

“Gresham then teamed up with other touts and started to mob the car owner who then went into his car and took a gun,” said one of the onlookers.

The deceased

“The car owner first shot two warning shots in the air and some of the touts left the scene but Gresham kept on attacking guy and he then shot him on the forehead and he died on the spot,” said the source.

“When Gresham was shot, other touts and a few pedestrians then attacked guy who had shot him and he was injured and taken to the police post,” said one of the onlookers.


Gresham’s wife Mary Enock said she was still in shock after learning of her husband’s death.

“I don’t know what really happened, I was just informed by my colleagues that my husband was shot so I came here to see for myself.

“I am still in shock and I am now blaming myself because when we were still at home I was the one who pressured him to come to work since he wasn’t interested.

Gresham Mwakapira moments before tragedy

“As you can see, I am pregnant and it is painful because I am now left with the responsibility of looking after myself and the child alone.

“I will hear from my in-laws about funeral arrangements but at the moment all I am doing is informing them about the death,” she said.

Gresham’s wife Mary Enock


Street urchins allegedly burnt a vehicle belonging to the motorist who shot dead a vendor along Angwa Street yesterday.

The vagrants were among an angry mob that attacked the motorist who was in the company of two women who were taken to Harare Central Police Station after the incident.

The mob went on to vanadalise a shop along First Street as they bayed for the motorist’s blood.

“People who were hurling stones at the motorist who shot the vendor also destroyed our shop as they missed their target,” one of the clothing vendors at Rado Arts Shop told H-Metro.

“Their retaliation cost us and they were behaving the same way as the one who shot dead the urchin because they nearly stoned him to death,” she added.

Street kids were joined by onlookers in ransacking the vehicle before setting it on fire.

Police moved in and fired tear gas to disperse the angry crowd.

“Vakuda kutijairira hatisi munguva yehondo yavanongoridza pfuti pese pese ngavatipe tivagadzirire size yavanokwana,” one of the angry people was heard saying.


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