Showbiz sector hails GVT

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Showbiz sector hails GVT Boss Chau Nedu


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EVENTS managers, artists and promoters have welcomed the Government’s decision to lift the Covid-19 curfew.

Businesses can now operate from 8am to 3am, a major boost for the sector, which thrives on numbers.

Jongwe Corner proprietor and music promoter, Boss Chau Nedu, could not hide his joy.

“We are grateful as a sector because what it means is that we can now operate full throttle.

“However, we will still adhere to the Covid-19 restrictions because Covid-19 is still in our midst.

“We have been holding shows at both Jongwe Corner’s Harare and Chinhoyi bases in line with the Covid-19 restrictions.

“We also provide other services like at our butcheries and liquor shops and we are happy with the development,” said Boss Chau.

He added: “We are grateful to the Government for unlocking the industry and we can’t ask for more.

“To the regulars at our joints, we have Alick Macheso performing at Jongwe Corner (Chinhoyi) this Sunday and Baba Harare together with Feli Nandi coming to perform at Jongwe Corner’s Harare branch,” he said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by fellow music promoter, Samuel “Boss Werras” Saungweme.

Boss Werras, who runs Werras Gardens in Glen View, said they welcomed the development.

“We welcome the lifting of the curfew and the extension of tourism and recreation business hours to 3am, which showbiz falls under.

“This is good news to the showbiz industry and we really appreciate the Government for that decision,” he said.

Boss Werras conceded it was hard operating under strict curfew hours.

“The situation was a bit difficult for both promoters and musicians and the new arrangement means more business and more partying time.

“By the time we end shows at 3am, revellers will have no pressure of trying to beat curfew time to avoid a brush with the law.

“’Above all, I urge my fellow promoters and musicians to continue adhering to all the Covid-19 protocols,” he added.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Hapaguti “Harpers” Mapimhidze.

“I am so excited, I am very happy, especially for my dancers.

“Our operating time was very limited and we sometimes failed to meet fans’ expectations.

“At the same time, I hope that people will continue to strengthen public health so as to protect everyone,” he said.

He said the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything.

Kushata kwezvimwe ndokunaka kwezvimwewo, many lessons were learnt from the past Covid-19 curfew.

“To bring food on the table, we had to do other side hustles, at times consequences force one to be a critical thinker and manage to do whatever it takes to make ends meet.

“Covid-19 taught artists to do businesses and not to rely on shows only,”said Hapaz.

Afro jazz sensation, Jean Masters, who has been in the game for a while, said:

“It feels great to hear that we are now going back to our normal days.

“Speaking from an artist’s perspective, seriously we were affected so badly.

“Most of the artists used to get their money from live shows but, because of curfew, performance time was very limited and performance time also determines amount paid by organisers of the events,” she said.

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