Showbiz Talking Points with TeeKay: GREATMAN IS MAMPARA OF THE WEEK

HELLO H-Metro readers.

THE last week of March has been drama-laden.


Businessman Wicknell Chivayo’s marital woes with estranged wife Sonja Madzikanda are now in the public domain.

We carried a comprehensive piece dubbed “Divorce of the Year” as the couple’s seven-year marriage collapses.

Somehow, Chivayo appears unfazed with all this drama.


On a positive note, Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria’s prayers to have a new car were finally heard after Chivayo gifted him a 2024 Toyota Fortuner 2,8 GD6 4X4.

Madzibaba was at a loss for words after he received the car.

The same applies to Sniper Storm who was trolled on social media after he begged for a car.

Chivayo further extended his kindness when he gifted a Mai Welly challenge dancer with a Toyota Aqua and a cool US$2000 to spend.


My task to crown the Moron of The Week was very difficult.

The person who takes this crown of shame is Greatman Gwaze. 

The musician is fast becoming an attention-seeker for the wrong reasons.

Greatman has been trolling songbird Chipo Muchegwa ever since her baby daddy, Sniper Storm, received a Mercedes Benz C200 from Chivayo.

He seems to portray her as a sex toy.

If it was a joke, it was in bad taste and he is my Mampara of the Week.

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