Tanaka Mahanya

THE Harare City Council has urged residents not to involve themselves in the dark arts of corruption with council employees as a way of avoiding paying fines or rates.

This was in response to complaints from residents who claimed that enforcement agents from the Council were forcing motorists into bribery.

The residents claimed there were many incidents of corruption when motorists park their cars in the city’s Central Business District.

Council’s acting spokesperson, Hope Chizuzu, responded by stating that residents should avoid opting to pay agents and rather pay to the local authority directly.

He said corruption involving city officials occurs between them and members of the public.

“We cannot only say Council agents are corrupt because they receive the money, what about the one who offers to bribe?

“Residents opt for corruption because they find it cheaper than paying a fine.

“We have by-laws which govern parking in the Central Business District

“Some residents report that they see people engaging in corruption, but they do not accept that they do not obey the laws,” he said.

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