Shun drug abuse, chanter urges

14 May, 2021 - 12:05 0 Views
Shun drug abuse, chanter urges Proskan


Nyarai Chidzero, Entertainment Reporter

Zimdancehall chanter Prosper “Proskan” Masuku has urged youths to shun drugs.

The chanter says despite music being the medicine which heals the world, it also helps to de-campaign drug abuse.


The singer is set to launch his Extended Play (EP) called 051 Streets today.


“In this EP, the message iri kufighter guka, depression and love.


“On a track titled “Gari” I am addressing and educating youths on the issue of crystal meth.


“Gari is a character of a person who has been using drugs, thus I will be explaining the effects of drugs”, he said.


Growing up in an area where drugs are normalised as everyday food, Proskan writes situations which he faces every day.


Masuku as a young musician says he is facing financial challenges and he isn’t getting best marketing strategies.


“Financially I have been struggling and I have been planning to do some videos on this EP but I failed to do so.


“I am also facing problems when it comes to marketing of songs “, said Proskan.


Proskan believes the only secret to make it in the music industry is hard work and commitment.


The EP consist of six tracks which include, Stronger, Positive vibes only Ft Joeyzw, Gari, Gara, Wadaro,Usandiudzire.


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