Shun unverified chemicals in the agric sector

25 Nov, 2022 - 00:11 0 Views


Ashley Mujoma

PARTICIPATORY Ecological Land Use Management Zimbabwe (PELUM) has raised concern over the use of unverified chemicals and medicines in the agriculture sector.

PELUM noted that some of the chemicals have been associated with various health challenges such as cancers and a general decline in human fertility.

Speaking during a media engagement, Anna Braizer from PELUM said the implementation of agricology will make it easier to grow crops from any region.

“I believe agricology will be the answer to several challenges we have been facing.

“One such is food security. It will allow farmers to grow whatever crop they want from any region because it creates a sustainable environment for the farmer to do their activities,” she said.

“Agriculture has been practised commercially in most countries, and they have opted to use a commercial approach where they use chemicals to treat their livestock along with several food crops.

“This may be effective in guaranteeing high returns, but it has serious side effects.”

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