Siblings fight over estate

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Siblings fight over estate


Audrey Kativhu

TWO siblings are at each other’s throats following a dispute over their late parents’ estate.

Shupikai Meki approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against her brother, Christopher Meki, for disturbing her peace.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire presided over the matter.

Christopher has been accused of barring his siblings from accessing their parents’ house and threatening to kill them with a machete.

“My brother is residing at our parents’ house. He becomes violent whenever we try to access the house.

“He threatened to kill me and my sister using a machete and he insulted us.

“In short, we are fighting over our parents’ house, so it’s an estate wrangle,” said Shupikai.

In his defence, Christopher denied the allegations.

“I have never assaulted her or even threatened to kill her, she is lying.

“I have never denied anyone access to our family house as she claims.

“I was cutting the hedge, that is when she thought I was about to threaten her.

“In fact, they are the ones who assaulted me when we were coming from the Master of the High Court, until the police intervened.”

Magistrate Mashavire dismissed the case for lack of merit.

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