Siblings shine @ Mbira fest

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Siblings shine @ Mbira fest


Esther Madambi, Entertainment Reporter

TWO siblings stole the show at the seventh annual Zimbabwe Mbira Festival held over the weekend at Mukuvisi Woodlands.

The talented duo of Dion Jakopo, 11,  and her brother Dennis, eight,  wowed the cosmopolitan crowd with their sublime mbira sounds set to remain etched in the minds of many.

In an interview, Dion said she was inspired by her brother Dennis to play mbira.

“I saw my little brother Dennis playing mbira every day at home and I loved it.

“I fell in love with and asked my mother to buy me mbira set while my brother was teaching me how to play.

“Now I am getting more inspiration from Hope Masike, I listen to her music almost everyday,” said Dion.

On the other hand, Dennis said he was inspired by Jah Prayzah.

“I love Jah Prayzah’s pieces so when they introduced music at school I chose mbira.

“I did not tell my mother until I had mastered one song which was Chamutengure,” he said.

Their mother Gladys said she did not know how to react when Dennis told her that he was into mbira

“I was surprised and shocked since I had no idea about mbira at all.

“He asked me to buy him called Nyunganyunga and I totally had no idea what that was.

“I was so indecisive because at first he asked me to buy a soccer kit he never used and now mbira.

“They day I bought mbira dzacho I said play right now or I should return and get my money back, and he played Chamutengure, I was shocked,” said Gladys.

She added:

“With Dion I thought it was just pressure from the little brother, but she is really into it.

“I have accepted their talents despite the fact that people say it is associated with spirits.

“At the moment I am now helping them on how to deal with fame, balancing with school work and everything and I am still learning at mbira too.”

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