SIGN Language activist Tinashe Shumbayawonda has called for more comprehensive Sign Language training programmes to bridge communication gaps faced by individuals with disabilities. 

Shumbayawonda emphasised the importance of digital technology and access to online platforms for individuals with disabilities, particularly deaf children, to ensure they have the same opportunities to connect, learn and thrive in the global village we now live in. 

The training should target caregivers, children and adolescents with disabilities, as well as frontline service providers to foster a more inclusive society.

“Sign Language is not just a means of communication, but a gateway to equality and inclusion.

“By providing training to caregivers and frontline service providers such as police officers, nurses and social workers, we can ensure that individuals with disabilities receive the support they deserve in their daily lives.

“Deaf children need to be supported in acquiring digital technology gadgets, gaining access to online platforms and developing ICT skills,” said Shumbayawonda.

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