Sikhala, Sithole denied bail

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Sikhala, Sithole denied bail


Zvikomborero Parafini
ZENGEZA West legislator Job Sikhala and his Chitungwiza North counterpart Godfrey Sithole were yesterday denied bail with the presiding magistrate ruling that they were not suitable candidates.

The duo appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Gibson Mandaza.

Magistrate Mandaza, in his ruling, said Sikhala has proven to be an unsuitable candidate for bail as he has been arrested more than 60 times. And, when granted bail by the High Court, he continues to engage in the same activities of inciting public violence, despite being ordered not to. He added that in the circumstances, he is likely to incite violence again, and it would not be in the interests of justice to grant him bail.

“Sikhala has shown that he has a high disregard of High Court orders,” said Magistrate Mandaza.

“There is a high likelihood that he would undermine public security and it is the court’s view that the State has managed to prove that he has a case to answer and he is, therefore, denied bail,” he said.

He further added that while an accused person must be presumed innocent until proven guilty, Sithole played a great part in the allegations by providing lorries to ferry those who engaged in violence in Nyatsime. It showed he was a man of means who can flee from this jurisdiction if granted bail. The two were remanded to July 6.

The court heard that on the evening of May 24, at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre, Moreblessing Ali was kidnapped. Her body was later found on 11 June, 2022, mutilated, in a well at Mukandi homestead, Nyatsime, which is the home of a suspect only known at this stage as Pias Jamba. It is the State’s case that Sikhala claimed he was engaged by Ali’s family to represent them as their lawyer. The State had it that on June 12, this year, Sikhala posted a video clip on social media inciting members of the public to engage in acts of public violence.

using whichever way or means possible in seeking revenge for the death of Moreblessing Ali who was murdered in Nyatsime area, Beatrice. Sikhala invited members of the CCC political party from Chitungwiza and Epworth to engage in violence.

Sithole allegedly supplied lorries to ferry the supporters from Chitungwiza and Epworth to the Nyatsime area.

The mob damaged windows at 13 shops, four beer halls and looted groceries and electrical gadgets. They also ran amok around the Nyatsime area, assaulting people, damaging vehicles and houses. A two-roomed house, belonging to ZANU PF Councillor for Nyatsime area, George Murambatsvina, was burnt down.

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