Maria Chiguvari

ZIM dancehall artiste, Jimmy “Silent Killer” Mudereri’s handlers have said he has no beef with Seh Calaz.

In recent days, a song of him dissing Seh Calaz resurfaced.

However, his manager Elder Shambare said the two artistes were on good terms.

“There is no beef with Seh Calaz at all. It’s just art as in the industry and it adds to the flavour.

“They are in good books with Seh Calaz.

“In December 2022, Silent Killer was a guest musician at a show arranged by Seh Calaz at the City Sports Centre.”

He added:

“Indeed, some say he uses drugs, however, it’s a fact that everyone at some point uses drugs but it depends on which drugs they take.

“Silent Killer is working on dumping drugs and he is advocating for a stop to drug abuse.

“It’s only that some habits take time to drop but surely it’s something that we are addressing as a brand for prosperity.”

Elder Shambare says music is a calling for Silent Killer.

“He started singing in his early days in high school when other students would watch him showcase his talent

“He is inspired by his everyday life and what he sees happening around him, he can sing about any subject.

“Silent Killer used to write some of his tunes but with his unmatched creativity, he no longer writes but he flows naturally when he gets into a recording booth.”

He added:

“He is in a class of his own and is a freestyle specialist.

“He can record 10 songs in a day without writing them down or rehearsing, but the tunes come out very meaningful and interesting.

“It takes one to listen to his projects to understand that indeed he is a genius and microphone murderer.”

Elder Shambare said the chanter’s lyrics were inspired by life in the ghetto.

“Silent Killer creates songs on various aspects of life and he is a lyrically gifted chanter.

“With a dancehall flavour, he sings gospel, love and generally all subjects.

“His music identifies with life in the ghetto with many of his chants emanating from what he calls the ‘ghetto bible’.

“He is unique in his creativity and lyrical prowess and use of unheard but meaningful  words.

“He has introduced some very intriguing words and statements which are now common words in the streets,” Elder Shambare said.

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