Silent Killer’s UK Adventure

Maria Chiguvari

DANCEHALL artist, Jimmy “Silent Killer” Mudereri, had a successful tour in the UK and was been showered with money during his live performances. 

His manager, Paul “Elder Shambare” Shambare, said the tour has been an exciting experience and has opened up international musical prospects for the artist. 

Shambare also stated that the singer’s fans appreciated his performance and threw money onto the stage in gratitude. The Ngirozi yeHondo hitmaker’s popularity is growing and his manager is determined to keep his brand strong.

Shambare said the name Silent Killer is fast becoming a household name and they are trying to maintain that position.

“The current UK tour is a great experience, quite exciting and eye-opening to us as we have tapped onto the international music platform.

“We had a show on the 29th of October at Gango Lounge in Birmingham and the next show is on today (yesterday) in Luton.

“It’s not a new thing that fans throw money on the stage. It’s a sign that they appreciate and enjoy our presence and performance.

“It was a real showcasing moment and fans couldn’t help, but shower the singer with pounds. Other funds were received from grateful fans off the stage and cameras.

“The love from the fans means our music has been well received beyond the borders and across the world. It’s quite encouraging on our side and it means our brand is fast becoming a household name. We, however, need to continue working harder to make the brand even stronger,” he said.

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