Simba Chikore Trial date set

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Simba Chikore Trial date set Simba Chikore (right)


8 November 2018

Simba Chikore (left)

THE case in which former president Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law Simba Chikore is accused of kidnapping yesterday took a twist with the State making an application to merge the records with his co-accused’s Simba Mutsimbe.

The State led by Micheal Reza made an application to merge the records citing that they connived to kidnap Chikore’s secretary together.

“The basis of this application is that the two acted in common purpose to unlawfully detain the secretary so they should be jointly charged,” said Reza.

Chikore through his lawyer Chris Venturas of Samkange and Venturas opposed the application saying that the State should have made a courtesy note to allow them to adequately prepare a response.

“We want to know the basis of the application and it was proper for the State to make a courtesy note for this application and we oppose this application to merge records as it would prejudice the administration of justice,” said Venturas.

Presiding magistrate Elisha Singano ruled in favour of the State that the records be merged.

Chikore is now being jointly charged with Mutsimbe and trial date has been set to December 14.

Allegations are that Chikore connived with Simbarashe Mutimbe and acted in common purpose to unlawfully detain and deprive Bertha Tsitsi Zakeyo of her freedom of bodily movement by refusing her to exit her workplace at Zimbabwe Airways Private Limited premises for four hours against her will.

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