Simon Chimbetu ‘resurrects’ in Salim (6)

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Simon Chimbetu ‘resurrects’ in Salim (6) Sulumani Chimbetu


Takawira Photovet Dapi

THE late Dendera music icon, Simon Chimbetu, ‘‘resurrected’’ on Saturday at the OK Grand Challenge through his grandson, Salim.

He is Suluman’s last born.

Suluman was performing at the OK Grand Challenge with the Orchestra Dendera Kings, a band he inherited from his father.

Backstage, just behind the speakers, his son was giving fans a treat with some fine dance routines.

Fans were jostling for ‘‘selfies’’ with Salim. H-Metro asked Sulu how his son ventured into music and how he felt after the youngster stole the show.

“He is six-years-old and his name is Salim Chimbetu,” said Sulu.

“Salim means God is with us, his passion for music started when he was three-years-old, as he used to make a lot of noise day and night.

“I just said no, this was not normal noise, this was singing, that was when I started teaching him about music.

“However, I still need him to concentrate more on his academic education first.”

Sulu could not open up on the number of children he has.

“Salim is my last born, I have enough children, I cannot tell you how many girls or boys or whether they can make a full soccer team.

“Just know that I have enough boys and enough girls around me, and I am not God to decide on who is my last born.

“Just know that Salim is my last born at home. I pulled Salim from the Orchestra Dendera Kings frontline because, one, he is still young and the hour was late and that is why he was backstage.

“Secondly, I was afraid that missiles from the crowd would harm him.

“Thirdly, I cannot talk about why he kept on performing backstage after I stopped him, you must come and interview him,” he said.

Simon died on August 14, 2005, and was declared a liberation hero.

He was buried at Chinhoyi Provincial Heroes Acre.

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