Singer dedicates song to women

13 May, 2020 - 12:05 0 Views
Singer dedicates song to women Ashley ‘Shleyoung‘ Matowa


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Rapper Ashley “Shleyoung” Matowa has dropped a video titled Musha Mukadzi dedicated to hardworking women in Zimbabwe.

Shleyoung, popular for his song Skelemu Covid-19 which he released in March this year, said his new project is based on the proverb, musha mukadzi.

“The song empathises on that Zimbabwean proverb which says “musha mukadzi.”

“The proverb perceives the value of a woman in a family set up as cornerstone although I also showed the negative side of an unfaithful woman as a disgrace “chinyadzi”.

“Fortunately the video coincided with Mother’s Day commemorations which were held on Sunday,” he said.

The song writer, moved a step up in March when he released a Covid-19 song.

“The song was meant to raise awareness about the world pandemic, coronavirus.

“Since then I have been working on an extended play (EP).

“To date I have released a nine-track Zimdancehall EP titled shasha which touches on various social facets of life.

“The challenges people face and how the community perceive certain acts and the EP also delivers party songs,” added Shleyoung.

Some of the songs from the EP include, Shanda, Musha mukadzi, Wedu achata, Camera, Maboss lady, Mwanasikana, Ndini ndikurira, Celebrate and Via kadhumba.

The artiste is now working on an album which he is expecting to release in August 2020.


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